Author Ramblings…

The amazing reviews for More Than a Threat have been very humbling. I knew I loved Kate and Weston, and so did my friends. But as a new author you never know if your book will get noticed or how people will react to your style of writing. The book is good but it’s different and that’s what I wanted to talk a little bit about today.

More Than a Threat is a different kind of romantic suspense series. There isn’t any of the ‘who done it’ feel but more of a super romance where there is more going on in the story other than the relationship. I wrote what I wanted to read and people are loving it – thankfully. The story builds as you read through each chapter and ends with a cliffhanger which I am finding out a LOT of people are not too thrilled about. Its not that its a bad ending but it does leave you wanting. Which is what the webster definition of a cliffhanger is, right?

This is going to be a series. I have 4 books planned for Kate and Weston as of now. One of those books will be a novella where we get a unique inside look into how Weston truly feels , how he has felt since the day he met Kate and what all he has gone through before we ever met him. I’m VERY excited about that one. But it’s going to take me longer to write since I want to give his time in the army, that we flashback to, justice. Lots of research and conversations with my military friends will need to be had.

Other people have asked if I will have side series about the supporting characters in book 1. Maybe? I have more of a connection with a few of the new characters you will meet in book 2. Once you meet them,  you will know what I mean. They just have something about them that makes you want to find their own Kate. Which….maybe they will.

So there you have it! Thank you to everyone that has read MTAT and is anxiously awaiting book 2. Teasers, cover reveal and blurbs will be coming out early summer and should be published late summer (trying to August but I do have a full time job to work in too!).

For everyone that took a chance on a new author. Thank you. I am SO blessed to have you have readers and look forward to dazzling you even further with book 2.



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