Beauty and the Beast – A Recap

There are some songs and movies that speak to you in one particular moment in time. We all have them, ones that transport us to a particular age, feeling, situation. Beauty and the Beast does that to me in such a powerful way. I was ten years old when I saw the movie and bought the soundtrack on CD – YES CD – and it was what I needed at the time. I’ve always been a bookworm, blame my mother for that, and Belle….OMG Belle. She was my true heroine. She was well read, feisty, spoke her mind, didn’t give into to status quo, and was beautiful in her own way.

Ten year old Kennedy was all braced faced, socially insecure and lived a thousand lives in the books she read. In the point in my life I think I was obsessed with ‘The Boxcar Children’ series. Their adventures, how they lived on their own let me live a life very different than my own. I love and hate that time in my life. And that’s why I related with this beautiful, well read, Disney princess. She was…me. Me that was so different than everyone around me.

Everyone else was perfect, socially capable and then there was me who would rather hole up on the couch under my favorite blanket reading instead of going to the Friday night football game.

Anyway, back to the movie. Emma Watson. OMG yes. YES. If I there were ever a human made for the role of Belle it was you. Thank you for portraying this amazing Disney princess in the best way possible for all us bookworms. The whole movie was amazing and you should go see it ASAP if you love the original. It will bring a tear to your eye as you remember how you felt the first time you ever saw the movie or heard the words…”Little town, little village, every day like the one before…” If those words don’t make you smile and want to sing along to every word then….bye Felicia.









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