Learning From Teddy


“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Yep me and Theodore Roosevelt are on a nickname basis. I saw this quote a couple days ago and it has stuck with me. With the release of my newest novel – More Than a Threat – I’ve found myself comparing myself more and more as the days pass. Wishing I had the followers other authors did, or relationship with bloggers, or a publisher, or really cool keyboard covers (I fixed that one, thanks Amazon). I should be ecstatic that I’ve sold as many books as I have knowing that most authors on Amazon don’t even reach 50 books sold and I did that in my first week. The reviews have been amazing. So why am I unhappy, wanting more and still comparing?

I want more for my characters and I constantly wonder if maybe I would have tried harder to find a publisher or agent the book would get the attention it deserves. Fame isn’t what I’m going for, what I want is to entertain a large audience and for them to want more and more and more. For that want from the readers to drive me to write more, to be a better author.

It’s been  year since I started writing and that’s like half a second in the author/publishing realm, I get that. But it still doesn’t mean I can’t want more, to fantasize about one day having hundreds of reviews, people begging me for a snippet of what’s going to happen next and okay maybe for my books to one day become a movie. ONLY because I want to be apart of the casting…eye candy…yum.

Starting tomorrow, after coffee, I will try to stop comparing myself to other authors and just embrace me as Kennedy.  My writing will never be like others and that’s okay, we don’t need another Colleen Hoover in the world but we just might need a Kennedy Mitchell 🙂


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