More Than a Risk – Coming Late Summer!

Y’all I am SO excited about the second book of the More Than a Threat series – More Than a Risk! We pick up right where we left off and all our favorite characters are back plus several new yummy additions.

More Than a Risk will be available for preorder soon but until then I thought I would give you a bit of a sneak peek 🙂

In the movies you watch there are people shot multiple times crawling across the floor towards safety or standing up, fighting their way out of the danger. Maybe they are stronger than me or have more will to live. Because all I can do is lie here, on the freezing sidewalk, doing everything I can to stay fucking conscious while I bleed out from the multiple gunshot wounds I just sustained. Hell, I can’t tell how many I have at this point. All I know is it fucking hurts worse than anything I have ever experienced.

So now I wait. Wait to either die of blood loss, which I know is quickly approaching, or for whoever shot me to come back and finish the job. I don’t know which would be worse. Because the pain is unbearable but the thought of having to watch someone point a gun at my head, for that to be the last thing I will ever see, is terrifying.

The feel of the pavement beneath me vibrating and the sound of pounding feet approaching makes me realize my fate will probably be the latter. But much to my surprise the person doesn’t stop and hold a gun to my head or gloat at what he’s done. No, instead this man drops to his knees beside me, places his hands over my abdomen and begins to shout to someone I can’t see. I wonder if I I’m going to make it to the hospital in time. I wonder if I even care.

I want to live, I do. I want to live to see if he will come back.

See if he will come back for me.

The man bending over me starts talking, trying to keep me conscious. Asking who he needs to call. Telling me to keep my eyes open. Telling me help is on the way.

But I don’t want to keep my eyes open. I don’t want to see what’s happening.

As the stranger’s voice fades and I sink deeper into the darkness closing in, I’m scared to let go. The need for him here, to hold my hand, to keep me from slipping away, is overwhelming. But he isn’t. I’m here alone, wishing I wasn’t.

EKK! Make sure you add More Than a Risk to your Goodreads list and keep an eye out for the preorder info.

More Than a Risk



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