More Than a Risk – Cover Poll

Revisions are done, line edits have started and copies have been sent to my beta readers. It’s so close yet so far away! I cannot WAIT for you to read More Than a Risk and continue on this fun journey with Dr. Kate Wheeler. She is fun, feisty, lovable and has a potty mouth that might make some sailors blush – which is one of the things I love the most about her.

What I’m needing from you – yes, you – is help in choosing which amazing cover to use! Yes some of this is to drive awareness to the book, but I really, really want to know your thoughts. Most of you following this blog are experts on picking out what will sell and what won’t – so please help me!

Choose from option A or option B and list in the comments here or through FB, Insta and Twitter where I also posted this poll.

I want to know. I want to hear from you, so please respond!

Thank you,




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