The grocery store watching a tired mother wrangle her misbehaving kids – the look of hopelessness and love in the eyes. 

A music festive where a certain song, the lyrics speaks right into your heart. 

The news when something so unspeakable happens you can’t help but cry from the ache of sadness in your soul. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere, you just have to look for it. I read once that writers don’t write from experience but from empathy. And I 100% agree. Watching certain things or listening to soul crushing music makes me see a story behind it. Makes me see the characters and feel their personality. 

I always thought other people could do this, but when I started writing and my friends started reading what I wrote….I realized quickly profound empathy is a gift. Not everyone can walk into a room and gauge what’s someone’s thinking with a simple glance. Read their body laguage. The look behind their eyes. 

So here is where I find inspiration. You. You living your life. And me feeling it.  


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