A Covert Affair – Coming March 2018!!

Happy (almost) New Year everyone!

2017 was a fun year for me with the release of the first two books of my first EVER series, More Than a Threat, plus starting on the third book and novella in the series, and finishing a new stand-alone romantic suspense, A Covert Affair coming March 2018. On top of my writing, I work full time as a recruiter for a large restaurant chain here in Dallas, I’m a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. Needless to say, 2017 has been busy but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

A few things I’m looking forward to in 2018 are: release of A Covert Affair (and you loving it, duh), finishing More Than a Hope and Weston’s novella (haven’t figured out that title just yet) and starting on another standalone romantic suspense which has been brewing in my mind the past few months. On the personal side, 2018 will bring my son starting kindergarten, celebrating 14 years of marriage, and many, many fun trips away and to the land, we purchased earlier this year.

I have a great life and I really do appreciate you going through this writing adventure with me! It’s been challenging but I plan to keep the amazing books coming for years to come. On that note….below is a brief overview of my upcoming release A Covert Affair.

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Career-focused CIA Agent Lucia Rizzo has one hard and fast rule she’s lived
by since joining the agency four years ago: No getting involved with
coworkers. This black and white rule fades to gray during her assignment
with the Navy SEALs.

While working to uncover a mole amongst the SEALs, she finds herself
partnering with a former one night stand and his best friend. Navy SEAL
Sr. Officer Gabriel Wilcox isn’t technically a coworker but, if the agency
has its way, he will be in the very near future.

Gabe Wilcox is prime marketing material for the SEALs. Blonde hair, blue
eyes, strong enough to toss her curvy figure around with ease…oh and those
damn dimples. It’s lust at first sight when Gabe and Lucia meet, but there
are hesitations on both sides.

The physical pull and infectious banter quickly prove to be too much, even
for these strong-willed operators, consequences are damned!

After weeks of research and reconnaissance missions, Agent Rizzo
will have to make her choice. Heart with Gabe or career with the CIA…
she’ll have to choose which future she wants unless the mole she’s been
after makes the decision for her.

A Covert Affair is an HEA, stand-alone contemporary romantic suspense.


More Than a Risk – Goodreads Giveaway!

Happy Saturday! I’m laying in bed, drinking coffee trying to catch up on all my social media and realized I needed to let everyone know about a giveaway I’m currently running through Goodreads!

If you haven’t started this series I suggest you do that TODAY with the first book in the series More Than a Threat (link to buy through Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, GooglePlay, B&N on my webpage). This series is a Contemporary Romantic Suspense that will have you laughing and tensing with each page.

In this second book in the series, Dr. Kate Wheeler has put herself in a bad position with a potentially dangerous man with keeping her bodyguard, Casey Weston, in the dark. What will happen when everything comes out and her life and the lives of others are at risk?

Here is the link to the giveaway. Sign up today for your chance to win! (Available through November 17th)

(Signups available through November 17th)

As always, happy reading!



A Heartfelt Thank You

As the reviews for More Than a Risk continue to come in I feel like I need to send a quick thank you note to all those who have read and commented on my newest novel.

This is what your reviews have done for me:

  • Learned readers DO NOT like being surprised by a cliffhanger. I purposefully changed my original planned ending of MTAR so it wouldn’t be as ‘cliffy’ as More Than a Threat.
  • Made me very aware of all the amazing bloggers out there who read and write detailed reviews just because they love to read. No payment. Sometimes not even a thank you. Which brings me to my next point…
  • I’m not technical, my best friend had to set up my facebook page, so knowing how to tag, hashtag, etc to make sure the blogger I’m thanking knows I’m thanking them has been a challenge. Especially since I work about 50 hours a week and have to play catch up at night. I try to express my gratitude to each individual person who writes a review I just hope you can actually see it 🙂
  • Some people will like my writing and some people won’t which is okay. Not everyone is going to love my story either and that is okay. But what I love about each person who has written a review gives at least a few things they enjoyed. That means the world to me. That and when you don’t like something you tell me exactly why which only makes my next book better – stronger.

So this is my blanket thank you note in case I accidentally miss thanking you personally. You taking the time to read my books AND write a review that helps shape me as an author…I don’t even have the words. What you do by writing those reviews isn’t just so other people can know to buy it or not, it’s for me. And I realize that. And I thank you for that. You are making me better. YOU!

I’m grateful. I’m overwhelmed by the reviews that say they love my writing. I’m blessed to be surrounded by readers and bloggers who are trying to help me craft my writing style.

Thank you, readers.

Thank you, bloggers.



More Than a Risk is LIVE!

More Than a Risk

by Kennedy L. Mitchell
Publication Date: August 17, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Purchase: Amazon | iBooks | NookGoogle Play | Kobo

Is a life worth living if you don’t risk it all for the one you love?

Shot and left for dead, Dr. Kate Wheeler doesn’t know what to expect when she wakes in a hospital room, especially she sees him. It would take a lot to win her back after abandoning her when she needed him most, which he is prepared to do, but Kate has never been one to give in easily. A surprise visit from a friend pulls Kate into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a local business man, full of dark secrets.

It’s up to Kate to bring this man down knowing her father, the Dallas DA, won’t prosecute without evidence; evidence she is willing to do anything to get. With the love of her life shadowing her every move, will Kate risk losing him to save the lives of others?

When Kate’s charade takes a dangerous turn will Weston be enough to bring her back from the edge, or is it too late for it to matter? Hearts and lives are at risk and Kate and Weston’s fiery relationship returns in this second book of the More Than a Threat series.

More Than a Threat

by Kennedy L. Mitchell
Publication Date: March 10, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Purchase: Amazon | iBooks | NookGoogle Play | Kobo

In the face of danger, the thin line between love and hate is blurred and rules are broken. But are these two prepared to face the consequences?

Dr. Kate Wheeler is an independent, feisty emergency medicine doctor with a perfect life, or at least that’s what everyone sees from the outside. Her world is turned upside down when she is forced to allow twenty-four-seven protection, disrupting her independent lifestyle leaving Kate to adjust, or not. She finds herself in uncharted territory as she balances a new love interest at work, never being alone and dodging multiple attempts on her life. If it weren’t for her two best friends by her side the stress would be too much, even for her to handle.

Her newly assigned security detail, Casey Weston, is harsh, dismissive, and overbearing. His sexy, strong body and bad boy tattoos are just the exterior to this thoughtful man who has secrets of his own. As he works to keep Kate at arm’s length he finds himself equally frustrated and fascinated by this woman who pushes his boundaries. Weston’s rules are intense and focused solely on keeping her alive. But as time goes on will his better judgement falter?

Tempers and emotions flare when these two headstrong individuals go head to head, both used to having their own way and unwilling…or too afraid…to give an inch.

With Kate’s life in the crosshairs and Weston determined to protect her, will their future be happily ever after or torn apart by the same threat that brought them together?


More Than a Risk – Cover Reveal – Give Away

Here it is! And I LOVE it. The cover yes, but what’s inside too 🙂 Click here to enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card (you can use some of it to preorder MTAR :))

Make sure you add MTAR to your WTR list on goodreads!



The grocery store watching a tired mother wrangle her misbehaving kids – the look of hopelessness and love in the eyes. 

A music festive where a certain song, the lyrics speaks right into your heart. 

The news when something so unspeakable happens you can’t help but cry from the ache of sadness in your soul. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere, you just have to look for it. I read once that writers don’t write from experience but from empathy. And I 100% agree. Watching certain things or listening to soul crushing music makes me see a story behind it. Makes me see the characters and feel their personality. 

I always thought other people could do this, but when I started writing and my friends started reading what I wrote….I realized quickly profound empathy is a gift. Not everyone can walk into a room and gauge what’s someone’s thinking with a simple glance. Read their body laguage. The look behind their eyes. 

So here is where I find inspiration. You. You living your life. And me feeling it.  

More Than a Risk – Cover Poll

Revisions are done, line edits have started and copies have been sent to my beta readers. It’s so close yet so far away! I cannot WAIT for you to read More Than a Risk and continue on this fun journey with Dr. Kate Wheeler. She is fun, feisty, lovable and has a potty mouth that might make some sailors blush – which is one of the things I love the most about her.

What I’m needing from you – yes, you – is help in choosing which amazing cover to use! Yes some of this is to drive awareness to the book, but I really, really want to know your thoughts. Most of you following this blog are experts on picking out what will sell and what won’t – so please help me!

Choose from option A or option B and list in the comments here or through FB, Insta and Twitter where I also posted this poll.

I want to know. I want to hear from you, so please respond!

Thank you,



More Than a Risk – Coming Late Summer!

Y’all I am SO excited about the second book of the More Than a Threat series – More Than a Risk! We pick up right where we left off and all our favorite characters are back plus several new yummy additions.

More Than a Risk will be available for preorder soon but until then I thought I would give you a bit of a sneak peek 🙂

In the movies you watch there are people shot multiple times crawling across the floor towards safety or standing up, fighting their way out of the danger. Maybe they are stronger than me or have more will to live. Because all I can do is lie here, on the freezing sidewalk, doing everything I can to stay fucking conscious while I bleed out from the multiple gunshot wounds I just sustained. Hell, I can’t tell how many I have at this point. All I know is it fucking hurts worse than anything I have ever experienced.

So now I wait. Wait to either die of blood loss, which I know is quickly approaching, or for whoever shot me to come back and finish the job. I don’t know which would be worse. Because the pain is unbearable but the thought of having to watch someone point a gun at my head, for that to be the last thing I will ever see, is terrifying.

The feel of the pavement beneath me vibrating and the sound of pounding feet approaching makes me realize my fate will probably be the latter. But much to my surprise the person doesn’t stop and hold a gun to my head or gloat at what he’s done. No, instead this man drops to his knees beside me, places his hands over my abdomen and begins to shout to someone I can’t see. I wonder if I I’m going to make it to the hospital in time. I wonder if I even care.

I want to live, I do. I want to live to see if he will come back.

See if he will come back for me.

The man bending over me starts talking, trying to keep me conscious. Asking who he needs to call. Telling me to keep my eyes open. Telling me help is on the way.

But I don’t want to keep my eyes open. I don’t want to see what’s happening.

As the stranger’s voice fades and I sink deeper into the darkness closing in, I’m scared to let go. The need for him here, to hold my hand, to keep me from slipping away, is overwhelming. But he isn’t. I’m here alone, wishing I wasn’t.

EKK! Make sure you add More Than a Risk to your Goodreads list and keep an eye out for the preorder info.

More Than a Risk


Learning From Teddy


“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Yep me and Theodore Roosevelt are on a nickname basis. I saw this quote a couple days ago and it has stuck with me. With the release of my newest novel – More Than a Threat – I’ve found myself comparing myself more and more as the days pass. Wishing I had the followers other authors did, or relationship with bloggers, or a publisher, or really cool keyboard covers (I fixed that one, thanks Amazon). I should be ecstatic that I’ve sold as many books as I have knowing that most authors on Amazon don’t even reach 50 books sold and I did that in my first week. The reviews have been amazing. So why am I unhappy, wanting more and still comparing?

I want more for my characters and I constantly wonder if maybe I would have tried harder to find a publisher or agent the book would get the attention it deserves. Fame isn’t what I’m going for, what I want is to entertain a large audience and for them to want more and more and more. For that want from the readers to drive me to write more, to be a better author.

It’s been  year since I started writing and that’s like half a second in the author/publishing realm, I get that. But it still doesn’t mean I can’t want more, to fantasize about one day having hundreds of reviews, people begging me for a snippet of what’s going to happen next and okay maybe for my books to one day become a movie. ONLY because I want to be apart of the casting…eye candy…yum.

Starting tomorrow, after coffee, I will try to stop comparing myself to other authors and just embrace me as Kennedy.  My writing will never be like others and that’s okay, we don’t need another Colleen Hoover in the world but we just might need a Kennedy Mitchell 🙂